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Oliver brings DVD back to town

Steve Oliver is proving you can go home again, at least home to the site of one of your first shows and your first concert film.

The smooth-jazz star is returning to première his new double concert CD/DVD, "One Night Live," on Saturday in Modesto. The show was shot last year at the State Theatre — also the site of one of his first professional concerts with the jazz supergroup The Rippingtons.

"The first place I toured was the State Theatre, so for some reason, it warmed my heart playing there," Oliver said of his show last September. "That (first) show was a big moment for me in my time of artistic growth, and it always stayed with me in my memory. So when it became time to make a DVD, I picked the State Theatre of all the venues and fell in love with it again."

Shot live using five cameras, the DVD includes the entire 90-minute concert, as well as behind-the-scenes footage and other special features.

Oliver said the Modesto audience was receptive and ready to be part of the experience.

"With me, it's a 50-50 exchange," he said. "They were so there, it was really great to have that captured at the State Theatre. They sang with us. It was a great party, but at the same time, it was very intimate and people were very much involved in the show."

Oliver narrates the DVD, which includes special footage of him demonstrating his unique Carvin synth-access electric guitar, which can play keyboard sounds from its strings.

For the return show at Jacob's Fine Dining, Oliver will screen portions of the DVD as well as play live. He said his music blends "everything except country and rap," spanning jazz, pop, R&B and world sounds.

He said his Modesto fan base has made the area one of his favorite stops.

"We have a good fan base in that area and that's why we come back at least once a year to do shows," he said, "and I just love coming back."