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Long outdoor extension cords, used with such tools as electric string trimmers and blowers, often get snarled and difficult to keep neatly coiled for storage. A five-gallon plastic bucket makes a convenient holder and storage device for the cord.

Buckets are sold for a few dollars at some home centers.

To make an extension-cord holder, cut a small hole in the side of the bucket near the bottom. The hole should be just big enough so that the pronged, plug-in end of the cord can be threaded through it. A sharp utility knife and pointed keyhole saw make it easy to cut the hole. Pull four or five feet of cord (just enough to reach whatever outlet will be used to power the cord) through the hole. Coil the remainder of the cord neatly in the bottom of the bucket.

The bucket also can be used to hold some of the tools sometimes used with the cord, such as a drill and some saws.