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How little some know about love

In response to "It's not intolerant to hate bad behavior" (July 10, Letters): "Stunned" would be the best description of me after I read this letter. Not only did the author deem homosexuality "filthy," and later call his attitude "not being hateful," he also defined it as something that only occurs between two men.

The individual went on to write that marriages between homosexuals cannot be compared to a "wholesome" marriage between a man and a woman. It seems that many people believe love exists in two forms: pure, "wholesome" heterosexual bliss, or grotesque, inhuman, homosexual confusion. Perhaps in a parallel universe?

Whether occurring between a homosexual or heterosexual couple, the feelings of love are universal and equal. How can one stereotype heterosexual marriages as "wholesome" while ignoring the depressing 50-percent divorce rate?

Throughout history, our nation's citizens have eventually come to their senses that everyone is created equal and therefore deserves equal rights. It is sad to see intolerance and opposition poke out their ugly heads whenever attempts at equality are made.

In the short time that we are alive, it appears to me that true, long-lasting love and friendship is almost impossible to find. If one should be lucky enough to come across it, we cannot deny them the opportunity of making such a gift legally official.