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Scam Alert: The bank texting

THE SCAM: Text message from your bank

HOW IT WORKS: Scammers are quick to adapt to new technology, and using cell phones for text messages is no exception. Officials with banks report that customers are receiving text messages on their phones that appear to be from their bank, directing them to a Web site to verify account information. The site, though it looks official, is a scam. It asks visitors for personal information such as a bank account number. Once someone has entered information, the con artists can use it to drain the account or for identity theft.

WHAT'S AT STAKE: Your money and your identity

HOW TO BEAT IT: Be suspicious if you receive a text for something "official" that directs you to a Web site you've never used. Contact your bank before going to the Web site, and find out if the bank sends text messages to customers, or if it's sent such a message to you. Odds are the bank has better ways to get in touch with you, and deleting the text is the best response.

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