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The Bee publishes birth information from Memorial Medical Center, Emanuel Medical Center and Oak Valley Hospital. Other hospitals, including Doctors Medical Center, do not provide the information. If a birth is not listed, either ask the hospital to release the information or submit a copy of the birth certificate to The Bee. Families also can place special announcements in our weekly Celebrations section; for information, call 578-2053.



Memorial Medical Center

Feb. 4

ANDREW: Cherise and Michael, Turlock, girl

COELHO: Casey and Corey Peters,

Sonora, girl

ESQUIVEL: Erica and Hubert Galster, Livingston, girl

GOLDMAN: Tara and Shane Crocker, Modesto, girl

LEIJTEN: Tiffany and Rodney, Oakdale, girl

RADEMACHER: Amber and Theodore, Ripon, boy

ROSS: Lydia and Dewey, Modesto, girl

Feb. 3

FIGUEROA: Monica and Victor, Ceres, girl

LAHMAN: Cortnei and Matt Taylor,

Modesto, girl

MORRIS: Stephanie, Modesto, girl

Feb. 2

HANCOCK: Nicole and Austin, Modesto, girl

PIRES: Kim and Michael, Turlock, boy

SHARP: Chelsye and Thomas Galindo, Oakdale, boy

Feb. 1

GUILLORY: Christina and Jesse, Modesto, girl

HALE: Julie and Adam, Ceres, girl

MORGAN: Jennifer and Shaun, Oakdale, boy

RAMIREZ: D'anna and Efrain, Turlock, girl

WINTER: Brittiany and Jeremy Haire, Turlock, girl

Jan. 31

BURDICK: Janiene and Greg Jewell, Modesto, boy

FRAZIER: Stephanie and Ryan Kane, Manteca, boy

KOEHN: Andree and Jeffrey, Atwater, girl

MARISCAL: Jennifer and Robert,

Patterson, boy

PARINHA: Velma and Ryan, Modesto, boy

Jan. 30

CARDENAS: Yuriana and Ricardo Tinajero, Ceres, boy

DIAS: Chelsea, Modesto, girl

QUINTEROS ACAJABON: Angela and Randolf, Modesto, boy

WELLS: Jenny and Jason, Hughson, girl

Jan. 29

BEATTY: Susan and Aaron, Modesto, boy

SARRADE: Maricela and Ricardo Rojas, Oakdale, boy

SPICER: Bridget and Patrick, Modesto, boy

STEPHENS: Melissa and J.T. Boles, Modesto, girl


Oakdale Valley Hospital

Jan. 15

BEST: Linette and Henry Roberts, Oakdale, girl


Emanuel Medical Center

Feb. 6

PETERSON: Lisa and Brett, Modesto, girl

Feb. 5

GARCIA: Elda, Los Banos, girl

MELGOZA: Cindy, Ceres, girl

SALAZAR: Olga, Turlock, boy

WATSON: Sarah and Mitchell, Turlock, boy

Feb. 4

AVALOS: Lupe and Juan, Delhi, girl

AVALOS: Marbella, Delhi, girl

GONZALEZ: Anna and David, Turlock, boy

KERN: Emily and John, Turlock, boy

LATRONICA: Adriana and Evan, Turlock, boy

MALDONADO: Jessica and Zackary, Turlock, boy

NILL: Stephanie and Nathan, Modesto, girl

RIBEIRO: Brandi and Jose, Turlock, boy

SILVEIRA: Samantha and Joseph,

Modesto, girl

STUIT: Pamela and Jeffrey, Ripon, boy

Feb. 3

GARCIA: Laura, Turlock, girl

GUTIERREZ: Melisa, Dos Palos, twin boys

MARTIN: April, Waterford, girl

Feb. 2

DEOL: Susana and Jagdippal, Turlock, boy

SHERER: Abigail and Raymond, Modesto, girl

SILVEIRA: Maria and Robert, Hilmar, girl

STARN: Jennie Marie, Turlock, girl

STEWART: Malissa Eliza, Merced, boy

Feb. 1

CISNEROS: Sonia and Jeronimo, Turlock, boy

DHILLON: Sonia and Jagrup, Hughson, girl

GARCIA: Cristina and Eduardo, Delhi, girl

MORRISON: Lorelei and Daniel, Denair, girl

REYNOLDS: Amy and Jason, Turlock, girl

VALDEZ: Dora, Winton, girl

Jan. 31

ARTEAGA: Ana and Zeferino, Turlock, girl

BRAZIL: Courtney, Livingston, girl

GONZALEZ: Rosa and Juan, Manteca, girl

HEAVEY: Leslie and Brian, Manteca, boy

KOOPS: Leandra and Jason, Oakdale, boy

LOPEZ: Rosita, Ballico, boy

RAMIREZ: Carmen and Rodolfo, Turlock, girl

SANCHEZ: Laura, Hickman, boy

Jan. 30

CHAVEZ: Vera, Turlock, boy

DURON: Veronica and Patricio, Modesto, boy

GONZALEZ: Leiba and Antonio, Modesto, girl

LOPEZ: Rosemary and Gerardo, Ceres, boy

SHIELDS: Tamyra, Turlock, boy