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Tax rebate

  • THE SCAM: Tax refund, Part II
  • HOW IT WORKS: A few weeks back, we warned about scammers who posed as the IRS and tried to persuade consumers to give their credit card numbers so that the consumers' refunds could be credited to their card accounts. The IRS also is issuing warnings about con artists who, again posing as IRS personnel, try to get Social Security and bank account numbers so that a rebate can be issued. In some cases, they may refer to the economic stimulus plan. No rebates involve the IRS contacting people by phone. The scammers are after personal financial information.
  • WHAT'S AT STAKE: Your identity
  • HOW TO BEAT IT: Many people haven't filed their tax returns, so be careful if you receive a call claiming a rebate is on the way. Also, the stimulus plan hasn't been signed into law and, even if it is, the IRS won't be calling about rebates. Hang up before you get ensnared.
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