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Interactive: Transportation tax proposal projects, votes

Stanislaus County and its cities are considering a half-cent sales tax increase for the November ballot that officials say would raise $700 million over 20 years. Half the money would go to cities and counties for projects local officials choose. The rest would go to regional work.

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TRANSPORATION TAX VOTESClick on city name for individual reports.
City Date Action Vote
Ceres Hughson Oakdale Modesto Patterson Waterford Riverbank Turlock Stanislaus Council of Governments

City Annual fundingTotal funding
Ceres$1.4 million$27.6 million
Hughson$200,000$4 million
Modesto$6.9 million$137.6 million
Newman$339,000$6.8 million
Oakdale$734,000 $14.7 million
Patterson$686,000$13.7 million
Riverbank$707,000$14.1 million
Turlock$2.4 million$48.2 million
Waterford$282,000$5.6 million
Unincorporated areas$3.9 million$77.6 million
Total for local-city projects $17.5 million $350 million
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