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The Bee publishes birth information from Memorial Medical Center, Emanuel Medical Center and Oak Valley Hospital. Other hospitals, including Doctors Medical Center, do not provide the information. If a birth is not listed, either ask the hospital to release the information or submit a copy of the birth certificate to The Bee. Families also can place special announcements in our weekly Celebrations section; for information, call 578-2053.



Memorial Medical Center

Jan. 28

CURRY: Sarah and Michael, Hughson, girl

EVANS: Darcy and Daniel, Turlock, twin boys

SARRADE: Maricela and Ricardo Rojas, Oakdale, boy

Jan. 27

ARROYO: Holly and Domingo, Modesto, girl

AVILA: Rebecca and Joseph, Modesto, boy

CEDENO: Flavia and Elias, Modesto, boy

JACOBS: Kissten and Michael, Escalon, boy

LECAIN: Loni and Douglas, Riverbank, girl

LEUNG: Min and Peter, Modesto, girl

POST: Nichole and Jonathan, Newman, girl

WARE: Patricia and Westley Alex, girl

Jan. 26

CATLETT: Angeleen and Joshua Woolley, Modesto, girl

NOLAN: Desiree and Thomas Lopez,

Modesto, girl

Jan. 25

JAMES: Alissa and John, Modesto, girl

LAFOUNTAIN: Christina and Scott,

Modesto, boy

VASQUEZ: Kim and Fernando, Newman, girl

YBARRA: Erika, Modesto, boy

Jan. 24

BAHR: Monica, Modesto, boy

FYOCK: Michelle and Nathan, Modesto, boy

GUTIERREZ: Maria and Jose, Modesto, boy

HARDENBERGH: Kimberlee and Patrick Watkins, Modesto, boy

TRUJILLO: Stephanie and Johnny,

Riverbank, boy

Jan. 23

MUNSON: Nickia and Shaun House,

Modesto, girl

RUBY: Corina and Michael Gober, Modesto, girl

STEARMAN: Laura and Donny, Modesto, girl

Jan. 22

LEANDER: Desiree and Ryan Brown, Modesto, boy


Oakdale Valley Hospital

Dec. 22

ALBURO: Cielinda and Guillermo, Oakdale, boy


Emanuel Medical Center

Jan. 29

ANDRADE: Claudia, Turlock, girl

DEL TORO: Rosa and Miguel, Livingston, girl

FLORES: Alicia and Alvaro, Modesto, girl

GONZALES: Talia and Raymond, Modesto, girl

GRAY: Tammy and Justin, Modesto, girl

Jan. 28

AVILA: Sonya, Newman, boy

BECK: Shelly, Ceres, girl

CASTANEDA: Analiz and Ubaldo, Newman, boy

GALLAU: Kristin and Paul, Turlock, girl

GONZALEZ: Gloria and Aristeo, Livingston, boy

LABUGA: Roxanne, Livingston, girl

LARA: Ana and Gerardo, Cressey, boy

REKHA: Rita and Royhit Singh, Turlock, girl

VALENZUELA: Valerie and Pedro, Newman, boy

Jan. 27

ESPINOZA: Leticia and Gilberto, Modesto, girl

MENDOZA: Rebeca and Juan, Turlock, boy

PULIDO: Tamara and Fernando, Turlock, girl

SOPPE: Brooke and James, Merced, girl

Jan. 26

FIGURACION: Shannon and Mariano, Modesto, boy

JAMES: Nicole and Christopher, Turlock, boy

JOSLIN: Chantell, Turlock, boy

OROZCO: Susana and Manuel Jimenez, Turlock, boy

SERRANO: Alba, Livingston, girl

SIMPSON: Sophia, Modesto, girl

VIGIL: Barbara and Ubaldo, Riverbank, boy

Jan. 25

CONNER: Jami and Cory, Modesto, girl

ROEST: Linnie and Herman, Keyes, girl

Jan. 24

ALVES: Monica, Turlock, boy

ECLEO: Tiffany, Hilmar, boy

MORRIS: Tinisha and Christopher Kennedy, Turlock, boy

SWARD: Amy and Zachary, Hilmar, boy

TREJO: Ana, Winton, girl

VALLIN: Amanda and Joseph, Waterford, girl

VAZQUEZ: Marisela and Juan Becerra, Atwater, girl

Jan. 23

CERVANTES: Ernestina, Turlock, girl

ESPARZA: Emma, Denair, girl

HENRY: Marisol and Stephen, Modesto, boy

MERCADO: Veronica and Octavio, Ceres, girl

MINDORO: Lee Ann and Jeremy, Delhi, boy

ROSA: Toni and Michael, Gustine, boy