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Clinton: A more liberal Bush

Ideologically, President Bush and Sen. Hillary Clinton are opposites. Politically, they are the same. They are both from the school of politics that teaches politics is war, and one must humiliate one's opponent. This is the mentality she and her husband have displayed on the campaign trail, and this is the mentality they would take to the White House.

Clinton spent eight years in the White House. She believes that proximity to power is the same as experience. By this definition, even the White House gardener deserves a term in the Oval Office. In terms of elected experience, she has been elected to two terms in the Senate, and Barack Obama has been elected to one. This is not a great disparity.

Experience isn't everything. One hundred fifty years ago, another one-term congressman from Illinois was elected president, and he did a pretty good job. A vote for Barack Obama is a vote for Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy -- some of our finest statesmen.