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The Bee publishes birth information from Memorial Medical Center, Emanuel Medical Center and Oak Valley Hospital. Other hospitals, including Doctors Medical Center, do not provide the information. If a birth is not listed, either ask the hospital to release the information or submit a copy of the birth certificate to The Bee. Families also can place special announcements in our weekly Celebrations section. For information, call 578-2053.



Memorial Medical Center

Jan. 21

BERGHORST: Jennifer and Nathan, Ripon, boy

MAC LEAN: Corrin and Michael, Sonora, girl

SHARP: Ginger and Nathan, Modesto, boy

VARAIN: Angelique and Duval Nieto, Modesto, girl

Jan. 20

CAMPBELL: Cheyenne and Chad

Pattingale, Modesto, girl

CORTEZ: Marina, Modesto, boy

HJELMSTAD: Angela and Stephen Porter, Modesto, boy

WATERFORD: Rose and Philip, Modesto, boy

Jan. 19

ALEXANDER: Kimberly and Luke

Stephenson, Modesto, girl

APPLE: Maria and David, Modesto, boy

CAROLAN: Michelle and Jacob, Turlock, twin girls

MEZA: Aimee and Jose, Oakdale, girl

MIRELES: Lisa and Christopher,

Riverbank, boy

SAUCEDO: Angelina and Jose Navarro, Modesto, boy

Jan. 18

CAPLAN: Holly and Alan, Turlock, boy

HEARON: Valerie and Clifton, Modesto, girl

LOCKE: Stephani and Don, Denair, twin boys

Jan. 17

AVALOS: Maria and Israel, Modesto, boy

DUNHAM: Larissa and Gary O'Brine, Turlock, boy

METCALF: Amanda and Thomas Parker, Modesto, girl

SOUZA: Shaunna and Kalani, Ceres, girl

Jan. 16

HELWICK: Michele and Jeramie, Turlock, boy

SCHWARK: Renae and Charles Lambert, Modesto, girl

VILLANUEVA: Georgiana and Ramon Lopez, Modesto, boy

Jan. 15

CALTON: Sarah and Michael, Riverbank, girl

PETERSON: Lori and Jeff, Turlock, boy

Jan. 14

SHARMA: Laurie and Arvind, Modesto, girl

Jan. 7

BABER: Tammy and Kenneth, Delhi, girl


Emanuel Medical Center

Jan. 23

GONZALEZ: Maria and Juan, Turlock, boy

RAZO: Pamela and Mario, Livingston, boy

Jan. 22

ALVAREZ: Gricelda and Salvador, Turlock, boy

AVILA: Maria and Jose, Ceres, boy

BARAJAS: Alma and Jose, Livingston, boy

CORONADO: Jessica, Turlock, boy

FERNANDEZ: Gloria, Turlock, girl

MELO: Maria, Turlock, boy

MONTOYA: Anajanzy and Guillermo, Turlock, girl

ROTH: Amy, Modesto, boy

SOLORIO: Maria, Livingston, girl

Jan. 21

AGUILAR: Claudia and Daniel, Turlock, girl

FERNANDEZ: Elsa and Antonio, Atwater, boy

GONZALEZ: Nancy and Jorge, Manteca, boy

POLANCO: Maria and Jorge, Turlock, boy

PURTO: Dina and Donald, Ceres, boy

Jan. 20

CHATMAN: Kreena and Bernard, Turlock boy

COVARRUBIAS: Carolina and Juan, Crows Landing, girl

GARCIA: Leticia and Adolfo, Turlock, boy

GONZALES: Crystal, Manteca, boy

MARQUEZ: Monica and Arturo, Ceres, boy

SULTAN: Radia and Mohammed Naif, Livingston, girl

Jan. 19

BRASIL: Deolinda and Luis, Hilmar, boy

CHINSAMI: Stacy, Modesto, boy

ESPINOZA: Anayency and Rigoberto, Ceres, girl

HUIZAR: Esperanza, Salida, boy

OROZCO: Jenny, Turlock, boy

Jan. 18

ALFARO: Carolina and Jose, Turlock, boy

DOUSSETT: Lindsey K., Modesto, boy

GOMEZ: Lorena and Rudy, Delhi, girl

LOPEZ: Epifania and Abelino, Winton, boy

MENDONCA: Elizabeth and Antonio,

Turlock, boy

MENDOZA: Saidi, Crows Landing, girl

TAVARES: Tina and Jacob, Manteca, boy

WELBORN: Nicole and William, Modesto, girl

WHITSON: Kathy and Ira Joe, Modesto, boy

Jan. 17

CORNELIUS: Charlotte and Bruce,

Turlock, girl

COVARRUBIAS: Melinda and Efrain,

Winton, boy

GOSAL: Jagjit and Kulyinder, Modesto, boy

JAU: Elizabeth and Jose, Delhi, girl

PANIAGUA: Patricia and Jose, Delhi, boy

REESE: Tabatha and Derek, Manteca, girl

Jan. 16

BORRELLI: Kristy and Travis, Hilmar, boy

HILTON: Florence and Michael, Merced, girl

ROOT: Jennifer, Modesto, girl