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The Bee publishes birth information from Memorial Medical Center, Emanuel Medical Center and Oak Valley Hospital. Other hospitals, including Doctors Medical Center, do not provide the information. If a birth is not listed, ask the hospital to release the information or submit a copy of the birth certificate to The Bee. Families also can place special announcements in our weekly Celebrations section; for information, call 578-2053.



Memorial Medical Center

Dec. 31

PEREIRA: Jodie and John Williams, Modesto, boy

YATES: Cassandra and Mickey, Keyes, girl

Dec. 30

KEO: Veth and Jaydin, Modesto, boy

THANLOM: Vaeokham and Christopher Valdivia, Modesto, girl

VISSER: Stara and Aaron, Modesto, boy

Dec. 29

CORONADO: Patricia and Gabriel Gutierrez, Ceres, boy

ISBELL: Alison and Dino Muniain, Modesto, boy

NORTHCUTT: Kimberly and Robert Jaramillo, Oakdale, girl

PENCE: Megan and Andrew Wood, Modesto, boy

SILVA: Mary and Donavon, Modesto, boy

SOLIS: Glorymar and Jose Tellez, Modesto, girl

Dec. 28

BETTENCOURT: Marjory and Joao-Felipe, Turlock, girl

CATLETT: Tori and David, Modesto, boy

DIAZ: Elizabeth and Adrian Valdez, Modesto, boy

SCHUCKMAN: Brianne and Trent, Modesto, boy

WANG: Lei and Chi Tong, Modesto, boy

Dec. 27

BERDUGO: Jill and Mauricio, Manteca, girl

CUNNINGHAM: Laura and Derrick, Oakdale, girl

DUENAS: Erika and Ernesto, Oakdale, boy

Dec. 26

ALVAREZ: Maribel and Daniel Galabiz, Modesto, girl

GARCIA: Frances and Samuel, Riverbank, boy

GUITRON: Xochilth and Eric, Modesto, girl

GUIZAR: Ruby and Manuel Nazar, Keyes, girl

MARQUEZ: Jessica and Anthony Kanakanui, Merced, boy

NELSON: Christal and Devin Beck, Modesto, girl

POISSON: Emiley and Jason, Modesto, boy

SCHAFER: Samantha and Ray, Modesto, boy

SMITH: Kimberly and Cameron, Modesto, girl

VEZQUEZ: Elia and Leonardo Rocha, Delhi, boy

Dec. 25

EDWARDS: Jamie and Randall, Waterford, boy

Dec. 14

MUNETON: Maria and Roberto, Modesto, boy

Dec. 9

DAVIS: Jessica and Alan White, La Grange, girl


Emanuel Medical Center

Jan. 2

LAUGHLIN: Jennifer, Turlock, twin boy and girl

TIGGEMAN-OROZCO: Claudia, Keyes, boy

Jan. 1

GARZA: Yvonne and Miguel, Turlock, girl

GONZALEZ: Vanessa and Jesus, Turlock, boy

MITCHELL: Cassandra and Christopher, Modesto, girl

RIOS: Maria, Ballico, boy

SAMMONS: Rebekah and Troy, Modesto, girl

TADLOCK: Stephanie, Turlock, boy

TOLEDO: Maricela and Arturo Cortes, Patterson, girl

TORRES: Simone and Samuel Flores, Modesto, boy

Dec. 31

ZAVALA: Vanessa, Modesto, boy


OLSON: Tammy, Waterford, boy

Dec. 29

ARIAS: Elizabeth, Ceres, boy

GODINEZ: Maria and Humberto, Turlock, girl

MONTIEL: Amanda, Patterson, boy

Dec. 28

ALVAREZ: Naomi, Turlock, girl

AVILA: Mildred and Carlos, Lathrop, boy

LUND: Tanya and Torkil, Modesto, girl

OCHOA: Shanena and David, Ceres, boy

Dec. 27

RANJIT: Kaur and Randhir Singh, Turlock, girl