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Hooray for Teens in the Newsroom

Recently, I have read complaints about the Buzzz section of Thursday's papers. I disagree. I think The Bee is to be commended not only for the Buzzz section but also for the Teens in the Newsroom program, which is developing talented writers and giving these students real-world work experience. Why not give middle and high school students a forum in the community newspaper?

It doesn't hurt any of us older folks to read a fresh point of view and learn about the positive achievements and activities of our younger citizens.

Besides, as a former teacher of many of these young people at Stanislaus Elementary School, I am thrilled to read of their successes.



Hey, teens! Do you have opinions about issues facing the world today? The Bee welcomes letters from young readers, which we feature under the Fresh Ink label and will run in the paper on Fridays. Students should follow the regular guidelines for submitting letters (see below), and include their age and-or school. You can find examples of letters or write one at -- look for the Fresh Ink logo. Teens also can comment on one another's thoughts.