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No More Shopping!

The biggest shopping season of the year is winding down. What do you recall about some past Modesto stores that have closed their doors permanently?

1. Kmart opened a store at Evergreen Avenue and Prescott Road in what year?

2. In what year did Weinstock's at Vintage Faire Mall close its doors?

3. What was the name of the electronics and appliance store chain on Dale Road that became a victim of the recession and competition and closed in 1991?

4. Loeb's department store, was founded in 1927 after Jules and Louie Loeb bought what department store on 10th Street and renamed it Loeb's?

5. Beno's department store, which opened in 1968 and was on McHenry Avenue, closed in what year?

-- Compiled by Karen Aiello

Bee assistant librarian

Source: Modesto Bee archives