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Loss of junk food a gain for students

Having no junk food in schools has been a major change, but I agree that it is for the good of the students. Some unhealthy food may still be sold during lunch, but there has noticeably been a limit and vending machines are no longer for sodas in many schools.

Many students may not be happy about the change, but it will help them improve their diets and their health once they realize that junk food does not benefit them at all. School should be promoting a healthy lifestyle and model behaviors because it is where kids spend most of their time.

Studies have shown that many children and adolescents are obese and the numbers are increasing steadily. This is a very important point that parents should be aware of. Parents should take the time to explain to their children about the importance of eating right and staying fit. Explain to your child about eating healthy and perhaps take some family time to exercise together.


Davis High student