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Teens old enough to choose own food

No more fries, soda, cinnamon rolls or regular chips.

I had heard about Modesto City Schools' plan to take unhealthy foods out of schools, but I never thought it would take action. It was the first day of my senior year when I was left speechless that all the food I previously ordered was banned from school. I bought a water and walked off enraged.

As teenagers, we make decisions every day. Choosing what to eat is probably the most frivolous. Why should we be limited to what we can eat? I see that they are trying to deter obesity. But is it not our own body? Can we not consume what we want? High school students are aware of the consequences of consuming junk food; it should be our decisions to eat it or not.

"This is nasty" and "This food sucks" are the remarks I have heard in the school cafeteria. The truth is, most of the food is awful and insipid. The food that was once sold should come back and replace these loathsome meals. Students should refuse to buy the food available at school and pack our own lunches until things change.


Davis High School student