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Pam Antinetti

Pam Antinetti

Political party: Republican

Job: Retired. School Principal in the Oakdale Joint Unified School District for 15 years.

Husband: Norman Antinetti

Children: Amy Antinetti 39 yrs and David Antinetti 37 yrs.

Education: University of Oklahoma B. A. 1965, University of San Francisco Masters 1983

Military service: No

Past public office: No

Past campaigns for public office: No

Organization: American Association of University Women, Pi Beta Phi Sorority

Campaign budget: Since I will be appointed, no money will be spent.

Have you ever been convicted or charged with a crime other than a minor traffic violation? No

Have you or a business you owned or had principal interest in ever filed bankruptcy? No

What is the primary reason you are running for this office? To participate in community service and to be in a leadership position to help guide the Oakdale Joint Unified School District in ensuring ALL students have opportunities to participate in quality curricula and be successful learners in a safe and nurturing environment.

What will your single most important priority be if you get elected? The Oakdale School District has been a very successful district in providing enriched and diverse educational programs for the K-12 students. In addition to a strong academic program at all grade levels, there is also: a music program taught by credentialed music teachers which extends from the elementary grades through high school, a sequenced, grade specific Science Curriculum taught by a certified Science teacher beginning in grade 4 continuing in the Oakdale Junior High and Oakdale High School, an intense English Learners’ program, a Gifted and Talented program including Advance Placement classes in the high school, technology curriculum, many After School tutorials, and many other curricular opportunities. However, a main focus of mine will be to enhance the vocational education opportunities for our students, to provide quality classes and job training that will prepare students to complete in the high tech work force, and to ensure those students have the necessary training and job skills to be successful!

What sets you apart from the other candidates? Although there are no other candidates, my varied educational experiences might set me apart from other candidates. In addition to my 17 years of classroom teaching experiences in kindergarten and second through eighth grades, I also coordinated the district gifted program, was a Resource teacher, and then became an Elementary Principal for 15 years. As a teacher I received the School Bell Award. As a principal I was named Stanislaus County’s Administrator of the Year by the California School Administrators and received with the students, staff, and parents of our school (Magnolia Elementary School) the California Distinguished School Award from the State of California. Finding ways to help all students develop their potential has been my goal. Working with others to improve programs, options, and curricula for students while implementing changes to enhance the learning and success for all students has been my guide.