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Steve Breckenridge

Steve Breckenridge Political party? No party represents me . .both ruling parties seemed to have seriously veered away from that which secures our Freedom Job: Semi-retired . .I spent 23 years in the Sign industry, 5 plus years with a Salida Commercial Real Estate developer in Land Planning, have 15 plus in Electronics . .and next year hope to open a small shop in Ceres Spouse: Lets confine ours selves to the election and that which is pertinent . .when any of myfamily seeks office they'll call you

Children: It would be irresponsible for me as an Father to put the names of my children on public displaysince they are NOT running and thus not pertinent

Education: Graduated HighSchool, took a few years of College for trades .. Trade schooling, years of studyin my fields of endeavour, am studying advanced electronics again now . .will be going backto night schools again no doubt

Military service: I enlisted in the California State Miltary Reserves in September of 2003, have attended and completed Non-Commissioned Officers Schools as required and have an annual AT and another NCO school in October. It has been my great Honor to serve at Camp Roberts as part of the National Guard troop processing center . . . .SRP's we call them . . . . for a few years . .and will be returning as called for a few days at an time. My Military service . .of which I have 6 more years left to serve . .is not pertinent since as an Non-Commissioned Officer I will not use my Grade or position to obtain Pleasure ,Profit or personal safety . . . So the answer is Yes I have..and am serving Have you ever held an elected or appointed public office? I have never sought elected Office before . . .though I have worked on a number of Campaigns

Organizations: I am not an politician . . in the past I have belonged to various organizations . .but long ago I decided that DOING was so so much more important than joining. I do now and have for some decade and a half belonged to the front door of the Ceres City Council Chambers where a Free man may enter and continue the " Eternal Vigilance " our Freedom requires Theres my Club . . . .feel free to Join . . .membership is free but the cost may be quite high . .it is an Elite Club since I can count the Club members on one hand. Club activities include an bi-monthly contests for your Rights,. . . .Liberties and Incomes . . Campaign Web site address: if that sounds funny . .blame my favorite local newspaper Editor . .he created the term he applied to me . . ."Pugnacious PitBull" . .he wasnt being kind at the time but I found I grew to like it very much . . . .Thanks Jeff

Campaign contact information: Steve Breckenridge for Ceres City Council 2908 East Whitmore Ave # H 180 Ceres C 95307 209-538-3176 email:

Campaign budget: that is an honest question . .. I really dont know . . .I will happily report what I have spent and from whence that came as we go along . . .why? did you want to donate some money to Freedom ?

Have you ever been convicted or charged with a crime other than a minor traffic violation? If so, please explain and include dates and locations.spent my life trying NOT to run afoul of the Law . . . .about 7 or 8 years ago . .a few days before Christmas between my little home and the Store . . . an indivigual I had never seen before was having a serious road rage episode . . I was unavoidably involved . . .I called the Ceres Police on my cell phone ,which I left on..and waited for the Police directly under the Security Surveilance Cameras and in the precense of witnesses at an local store. That of course was NOT the story the indivigual told the Police when they arrived . .so they detained and then released ME . . . .of course when all of the above came to light . . .charges against me were dropped and I was awarded an $106000.oo judgement against that person for perjury and false imprisonment Thank you . . .I'll eventually collect . . . .hell of a Christmas Ask Chief Art DeWerke happily supply judgememt awarded me. 20 some years ago I suprisingly ran into the moron that robbed my home . .I . .of course detained said moron until the Boys in Blue arrived . . . . .I paid a small fine for essentially failing to yell repeatedly YOU ARE UNDER CITIZENS ARREST. I cant remember tha last time I got stopped for anything . .I'm not completly sure anything I drive can actually exceed a speed limit since we have but few hills

Have you or a business you owned or had principal interest in ever filed bankruptcy? no business I was ever involved with declared banckrupcy . . never cared that much for businesses with parners

What is the primary reason you are running for this office? SELF DEFENSE . what defends my family defends yours. . . .in the vacuum created by the Peoples absence . .any seated government quickly grows an monstrous contempt for the Peoples Rights, Liberties and Incomes . .being on the Ceres City Council will help me keep Government out of our homes ...on their side of the curb and out of our wallets without our permission. From a Council seat I can shut down the Stupid Faucet a lot easier! What will your single most important priority be if you get elected? The only thing that is so important . .that it is literally the ONLY thing we make elected Offcials Swear to . . . .to Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States and the State of California . . . .I will continue the work I have done for a decade and a half . .with better tools . . .Freedom fosters Prosperity . . .Activity creates Hope . . . . What sets you apart from the other candidates? My Record for fighting to sustain our Liberties, Freedoms ,Protecting Property Rightsand forcing ONLY duly authorized taxes. . .and willingness to take it all the way! . . . . the 17 years I have been in attendance and service already .BEFORE. .asking the People to elect me . . . .since I am still bound to an previous Oath . .I cannot serve my Community for PAYso I cannot accept the $12000.oo per term the seated council voted itself