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Cohen Blount

Cohen Blount Political party? Independent Job: Full-time student; part-time sales associate at Home Depot Riverbank Education: High school diploma from Riverbank High school 1999. Modesto Junior College AA degree Currently attending California State University Stanislaus pursuing BA degree in Political Science. Graduate next year.

Military service: No

Past public office: No

Past campaign for office: No

Campaign contact information:

Campaign budget: $800 to $1,000 Have you ever been convicted or charged with a crime other than a minor traffic violation? No Have you or a business you owned or had principal interest in ever filed bankruptcy? No

What is the primary reason you are running for this office? I want to improve the reputation of the RUSD among the local areas and reunify the school district.

What will your single most important priority be if you get elected? Improving academics What sets you apart from the other candidates? I started and graduated from Riverbank schools. I have a better understanding from my long time experience in the Riverbank schools. I don’t have a specific agenda in mind. My concern is the school district as a whole and improving academics. I am not limited to only working on certain issues, but focused on working on all the issues.