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Brad Hawn Q and A

Modesto City Councilman Brad Hawn brings a few distinct perspectives to his elected job.

He's an engineer who runs his own business. He's also one of Modesto's leading arts supporters. He is one of the organizers behind the annual Art & Wine festival.

Hawn, 52, was a top fund-raiser in his 2003 campaign for his first term. This time, he's being challenged by taxpayer advocate Tom Maher.

Hawn recently sat down with The Bee to talk about his goals for a second term.

Q: Why are you running for the City Council?

A: I love our community, and I care about it. I think my experiences in life and business are helpful to lead our city in the future.

Q: Was there an experience in your life that made you want to get involved with local government?

A: In my life, I have gravitated toward this type of leadership role, whether it's been in nonprofits, in my church or in my community. I'm not what you call a typical political person because I'm much more focused on solving the problem. I have absolutely no desire to go any place else to do this. I feel like I'm doing this because our city needs it and I'm willing to do it.

Q: What's your top priority if you get elected?

A: Jobs, public safety and continuing to work on the city's infrastructure. Along with that, regional cooperation between different localities to provide the best services for the best price.

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