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The Modesto Bee, under various names and ownership, has been published daily since 1884. Locating information from this long historyof service to the community can be exciting, but sometimes challenging.

Our online collection contains thousands of articles and photographs from around the community and around the world.Although we add hundreds of information sources every day of the year, the extreme size of the material prevents us from leavingit online indefinitely. If you are not able to find something in our current online collection, we offer two extended search tools tolocate the information you are seeking.

Step 1 - Long Term Archives

Archive pricing
Single story: $3.95

Five stories: $17.78

Ten stories: $33.58

Fifty stories: $158.00

With stories dating back to 1989, the long-term archive allows you access to Modesto Bee contentfrom years past. There is a modest convenience charge for the service.

You can sign up for an account using oursecure server, or you can sign up after you find the article you want. If you encounter trouble during yourtransaction, please call 800-896-5587, or send e-mail

Please note, our long-term archives do not contain stories created or distributed by wire servicessuch as The Associated Press. The archives contain only articles created by or for The Modesto Bee.This archive contains only text articles - it does not include graphics or photographs.


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Step 2 - The Bee Search Service

If you are looking for a local item that pre-dates 1989, you will need to contact our BeeSearch service. The Modesto Bee's internal archives contain every edition and story published by The Beesince - well - a long long time ago.

All requests taking longer than 15 minutes to complete will be charged at a rate of $60 perhour with a 30-minute minimum charge.

A headers service is available to provide readers with the date, page, headline, and storylength of particular stories at 10 cents per header. The minimum charge is $3.00. Copies ofprinted stories on microfilm or microfiche will be $10.00 per copy. We are unable to providearticles produced by non-staff sources.

There are alternative resources available for you to use to obtain copies of articles thatappear in The Bee.

You can purchase back issues of The Bee at newsstand prices for the past 30 days (whilesupplies last). Just come in and the security guard will be glad to help you. If yourarticle is older than that, you can call or visit the Stanislaus County Free Library. Thepublic library provides an index to local stories and keeps copies of The Bee. TheirReference Librarians are there to serve the public's information seeking needs.

If you would like us to perform a search of our archive, please call (209) 238-4514 orsend an email to Please be ascomplete as possible in your message. Remember, however, that there will be a charge forthis service. Also, be advised that Bee Search questions are answered once a week astime allows.