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Super Bowl has distinct valley flavor

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Winton (Bernard Berrian) and Chowchilla (Cameron Worrell) have produced Super Bowl players. What are the odds?

The valley leans 4-to-1 toward the Bears with Berrian, Worrell, Lance Briggs (Elk Grove) and Ricky Manning Jr. (Fresno). The Colts counter with Matt Giordano (Fresno).

Our favorite proposition bet: Who scores higher, Berrian's pass reception yardage or Tiger Woods' final-round score at Dubai?

Tiger won't venture a stroke above 70. Take Berrian on one or two big plays, especially if the Bears fall behind.

More Woods: He says he's lost during his seven-event PGA Tour streak but adds he's only four behind Byron Nelson's record. Which is it, Tiger?

Nelson won 18 times in 1945. Woods entered only 15 events in 2006.

Dick Davey (Ceres) says he'll step down as coach at Santa Clara. Just like that, argyle sweater sales dropped 20 percent in the South Bay.

Davey always said he found Steve Nash under a rock. He actually jetted to Canada, then found Nash under a rock.

Davey's legacy — one of the classiest men in the game and, by the way, 15th-seeded Santa Clara 64, 2nd-seeded Arizona 61, at the 1993 NCAA Tournament.

Question: Why announce now, when the Broncos are an overachieving 15-7?

The Raiders like to steal Super Bowl-week headlines, but when they're compared to the Dallas Cowboys, they're rank amateurs.

Just in: Arron Oberholser will not defend his AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am title next week. Bad back.

If you're 40, take inspiration from the comeback launched by two-time Olympic 100-meter champion Gail Devers (who has run at the Coca-Cola Modesto Relays).

Her formula: Lay off for a year, give birth and then torch everyone in the hurdles at the Millrose Games.

It's nice to be Australian Open champion Serena Williams: If I care, I win.

Add Barbaro to your list of four-legged heroes, next to Lost In The Fog.

Barry Bonds loses leverage with the Giants and still could make $21 million this season. Yes, the Barca-lounger is expendable.

Peter Magowan's between-the-lines explanation to season-ticket holders about re-signing Bonds: Remember when I saved the Giants from moving to Tampa? Do my extra-credit points still count?

The story you'll read sometime during spring training: Barry Zito backtracks on his locker-next-to-Bonds idea.

Super Bowl ads will cost $2.6 million for 30 seconds. Viewers already are hitting the mute button — for the game, not the commercials.

If Prince parties Sunday like it's 1999, he will be tossed into the golden-oldie pile with Boy George, the Macarena and the Bangles.

The only barometer that favors Grossman over Manning: Florida vs. Tennessee and Manning's career 0-fer vs. the Gators.

Punxsutawney Phil says Berrian will score a touchdown.

Brett Favre's return for his 17th season means Worrell won't go down as the last man to sack Favre.

I'll call with Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith and raise with new New York Giants GM Jerry Reese and new Steelers coach Mike Tomlin.

And, of course, NFL scouts are flocking to Winton and Chowchilla.

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