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Nuts Notes

TODAY'S GAME: Bakersfield at Modesto, 7:05 p.m.

PROJECTED STARTERS: Righty Chaz Roe (0-2, 4.40) will start for Modesto against Blaze righty Edinson Volquez (0-1, 9.00).

COMING UP: Following tonight's game, the Lake Elsinore Storm comes to town for single games Tuesday-Thursday. Wednesday's game is the annual D.A.R.E. Day game and is slated for an 11:05 a.m. start.

THE PREGAME SHOW -- Three hours before the first pitch, a group of anywhere from three to 10 men start gathering in the stands at John Thurman Field, clipboards and notepads in hand.

They're all scouts from major league teams, and they arrive early to watch batting practice and fielding practice, writing notes as every group rotates through the batting cage. By the time June comes around, every major league team will have compiled a fresh scouting report on every player in professional baseball.

"I was told that those scouts are up there charting our batting practice," shortstop Chris Nelson said. "They chart where we hit the ball. I had no clue about that before I started in pro ball, but they're here every day to check us out and to see how we go about our business."

If a player loafs while shagging balls in the outfield, the scouts take note. If he shows good opposite-field power, even in batting practice, it becomes part of the report.

It underscores the basic reality of baseball promotion: While all the Nuts have a shot at the major leagues, chances are it will be with a team other than the Rockies.

The presence of the scouts makes every batting practice, infield practice and outfield session a tryout.

"They have to take the attitude that there are 30 jobs out there and they're in training for one of those 30," Nuts manager Jerry Weinstein said. "It may be with the Rockies and it may not, but the Rockies do a great job of promoting their own guys. You can see that just by looking at the demographics of the big club. Everything is important and there always is someone watching, and maybe it's the only time that particular scout will see you."