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Pregnant woman survives attack

Modesto police officers arrested a man suspected of trying to strangle, stab and drown his girlfriend, who is 6 months pregnant, Wednesday evening in Dry Creek at La Loma Park in east Modesto, police said.

The victim suffered deep bruises during the attack, but the extent of her injuries was not known Wednesday night, Lt. Carlos Castro said. She was taken by ambulance to Doctors Medical Center in Modesto for treatment.

Her age and city of residence were not available Wednesday night.

Jose Galvan, 36, of Modesto was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, kidnapping, domestic violence and making terrorist threats, Castro said.

The victim told police that Galvan had been threatening to kill her for three days.

About 5:50 p.m. Wednesday, several witnesses called police to report they saw a man choking a woman along Phoenix Avenue, south of Edgebrook Drive and west of El Vista Avenue.

Officers arrived at the scene, but did not find anything. Witnesses told police they saw the man and the victim on Edgebrook near La Loma Park.

Officers Daniel Phillips and Billy Hamilton arrived on Edgebrook within minutes and saw Galvan in the park holding a 4-inch nail to the woman's neck, Castro said. "He was telling her to go with him or else he was going to kill her," Castro said.

The officers yelled at Galvan to stop, but they said Galvan ran deeper into the park and toward Dry Creek. Castro said Galvan dragged the woman behind him.

The victim stumbled to the ground along the way, but Galvan continued to drag her down the creek's embankment, Castro said.

Witnesses told the officers that Galvan possibly was armed with a gun, so police had to maintain a safe distance. Later, officers learned Galvan did not have a gun. "They thought he might fire back at them," Castro said.

The officers said they kept Galvan and the victim in their sights.

Galvan dragged the victim into the creek and started submerging her head, Castro said. Again, the officers said they yelled at Galvan to stop, but he didn't. In the meantime, the victim was able to break free and swim away, Castro said.

Galvan surrendered to police and was taken into custody without further incident.

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