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Scam Alert: Expired Card

THE SCAM: Credit card expiration

HOW IT WORKS: A Modesto couple said a would-be con artist tried to trick them into giving out personal information. The wife said they received a series of calls from a recording that told them one of their credit cards was about to expire. The recording instructed the woman and her husband to call another number to make sure their cards were renewed. The woman said neither she nor her husband called the number because they suspected fraud. In most scams of this type, calling connects a victim with a scammer who asks for credit card information to "verify" the renewal, then uses that for identity theft or to make unauthorized charges.

WHAT'S AT STAKE: Your money

HOW TO BEAT IT: Credit card companies don't typically call to ask customers if they want to renew a card. Usually, they communicate by mail, and in any scenario they almost never ask customers to give up personal information. That should be a tip-off that someone is up to no good.

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