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Three student playwrights will see their works staged for Modesto Junior College's New PlayFest 2007

A romantic drama, a farce and a metaphorical play will première at Modesto Junior College's New PlayFest 2007.

"Only in Dreams," "The King of America" and "The Familiar Stranger" all were written by students for the school's playwriting class. The first two works are about 35 minutes apiece; "Stranger" runs about twice that long.

"This year, it's pretty high caliber," playwriting instructor Michael Lynch said. "All three of these guys are pretty talented."

Written by Romeo Mora, "Only in Dreams" focuses on a young man torn between the girl of his dreams and his fiancée on the night before his wedding. The title was taken from a Weezer song of the same name about a man who can't be with his perfect girl. "Everyone can enjoy it because we all have an idea of a perfect person," Mora said.

Cast members are Cierra Allee, Kathryn Martin and Steven Adkins.

"The King of America," by Steven Robert King, satirizes President Bush. Centered on the aftermath of Sept. 11, the play touches on gay rights, immigration and the death penalty. Bryce Duzan plays Shrub (the president), with Robert Gress and Kara Ow in supporting roles.

King expects the show to be controversial and doesn't mind if it gets a negative response from some viewers.

"I want to be able to make people think about things," he said.

Tim Glidewell's "The Familiar Stranger" follows the families who live in a single home from the 1930s to the present.

"It's the story of life through the eyes of a house," he said. "There's love, there's anger, there's death, there's birth."

The show opens with the home about to be demolished, then goes back in time to tell its history.

The cast stars the playwright's father, Timothy G. Glidewell, as the house, with supporting roles played by the younger Glidewell, Allee, Lynch, Brad Hight, Evan Mason, Jacob Cangiami, Hunter Sauls, Jeff Carnegie, Giaia Calderon and Jessica Armendarez.

The playwright said he wants audience members to understand that personality traits are not dictated by birth.

"You realize the way you became who you are is because of the different events that happened throughout your life," Glidewell said.

WHAT: New PlayFest

WHEN: 7:30 p.m. March 16-17 and 23-24 and 2 p.m. March 18 and 25.

WHERE: Modesto Junior College West Campus, Cabaret West, Blue Gum Avenue

TICKETS: $10 general, $8 students and seniors

CALL: 575-6776