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Newspaper Order Request Form

14th and H Street * P.O. Box 3928 * Modesto, California 95352 * Phone (209) 578-2126 * 1-800-776-4233

School Delivery Calendar

▪ Try The Modesto Bee in your classroom for as long as you like at our special educational rates. We'll deliver newspapers to your school any number of days with a minimum order of ten (10) newspapers per delivery. Simply complete the form and mail to : Educational Services Department, The Bee, P.O. Box 3928, Modesto, Ca 95352 or call (209) 578-2126. Please allow one week for processing.

▪ Rates

10 cents per copy includes tax for two or more deliveries. 15 cents per copy including tax for one time only delivery. 20 cents per copy for Sunday delivery.

▪ Days of Week to be Delivered (Please check the days that you would like to have papers delivered)

� M � T � W � TH � F � S � S

▪ First Delivery Date ____________ ▪ Number of Copies _____________

▪ Exact Delivery Location Please give us a secure delivery point. For delivery problems, call (209) 578-2222 or 1-800-776-4233 before 9:00 a.m., same day papers are missed. If you are outside the Stanislaus County area, we will make arrangements for an additional delivery date to make up for your missed delivery.

▪ Method of Payment � Check or money order � Sponsor (upon availability of funds) � School P.O. Order � Please bill:

▪ Deliver to

Teacher's Name _____________________________________________________ Grade _____

School ________________________________________ School Phone # ____________________

School or Other Address ____________________________________________________________

City ____________________________________________________ Zip___________________

Fax ___________________________ Email __________________________________________

▪ Teacher Verification: I received newspaper deliveries on the days listed above and used them in my classroom.

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