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NIE Curriculum Library

General NIE

NIE Introductory Guide - Introduces students to newspapers with 5-day lesson plans and worksheets in all levels and major subject areas, in addition to strategies across the curriculum. Grades K-12…67 page guide.

Elementary Grade Level

Along Came a Spider - A guide full of 60 activities to teach narrative writing, language arts and organizing. Grades K-5…62 page guide.

Fundamentals for Elementary Students - This guide is used to teach students basic competency in language arts, social studies, math and science. It encompasses over 60 lessons to accomplish this task. Grades K-5…60 page guide.

It's NIE For K-3 - This guide is designed to help primary teachers discover that the newspaper is a perfect workbook, even for beginning readers. Use the 60 plus full-page activities to teach students language arts, writing, science/health, math, and much more. Grades K-3…69 page guide.

Looking Backward From Now - Teach your students the importance of U.S. History. This guide has activities based on Settling the New World, Life in the Colonies, War of Independence, Creating the Constitution and The Westward Movement. What better way to teach your students U.S. History than through the newspaper. Grade 5…36 page guide.

Elementary through Secondary Grade Level

Fundamentals for Secondary Students - This guide has 60 lessons to teach competency in language arts, social studies, math and science. Grades 6-12…60 page guide.

Newspaper In Upper Elementary and Middle Grades - 10-plus strategies in the five subject areas of language arts, science, math, social studies and the newspaper. Grades 4-9…93 page guide Reading Realities - This guide is full of activities using the newspaper in development of reading skills, skimming, distinguishing fact from opinion and finding the main idea of a story. Grade 4-12 63 page guide

Mathematics In the News - These practical math activities help students apply skills in simple calculation, averaging, converting numbers, estimation, problem-solving, computing with fractions and much more. Grades 4-12…57 page guide

Science In the News - This guide has activities in earth science, health/nutrition, environment, careers, technology and general science. Grades 5-12…74 page guide

Geography In The Newspaper - Use the 24 activities and the five themes: location, place, relationships, movement and region to teach geography to your students. Grades 4-12…60 page guide.

Geographic Challenge - Through business, advertising, sports, weather, comics and front page news, students get a taste of exciting basic geography and the importance of geographic literacy in our daily lives. Grades 3-12…60 page guide.

Environmental Awareness - Activities that cover a variety of environmental issues such as sources of pollution, hazardous wastes, recycling, energy, global warming and much more. Grades 4-12…37 page guide

Newspaper Journalism - From basic news writing to creation of summaries, these activities introduce the highest of standards for classroom and school newspapers. Grades 6-12…62 page guide

Newspaper Scavenger Hunt - These activities encourage hands-on classroom experience and the exploration and understanding of current news events. Grades 4-12…65 page guide

Key to Better Living - This guide has lessons and worksheets for basic reading, writing and daily living skills. It also has applications for older learners, literacy and adult education. Grades 4-adult…50 page guide

Life Skills In the Newspaper - The four sections of this guide include Life Essentials, language and communication, lifestyles and success. Appropriate for all students, from at-risk level too highly motivated. Grades 6-12…65 page guide