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Kitchen organizing

If you've got more kitchen gadgets than you know what to do with, your kitchen countertops are covered and the cabinets are overflowing, Woman's Day offers ways to utilize space in your kitchen. Some tips:

Screw in cup hooks under shelves. Hooks will hold many more mugs or cups than shelves would.

Hang often-used utensils on S hooks from rods stationed behind the cooktop. Several rod storage systems are available, but it's just as easy to use a tension rod or dowel attached to the wall.

Install a magnetic strip along the backsplash to vertically store knives and sharp tools.

The area between the top of the kitchen cabinets and the ceiling is a good place to store attractive but rarely used serving pieces.

Buy a large cutting board that fits across the sink to create more countertop work area.

Put up a narrow shelf between the countertop and the cabinets. Spices or small gadgets will fit perfectly there.

Install a pull-out drawer in a bottom cabinet to tuck away cleaning products that don't belong near food or dishes.

Stash infrequently used items (bread machines, food processors, good china) on shelves in the garage. Tape a list of their locations inside a cabinet.

Another 'Design Star'

Eleven finalists — culled from more than 2,000 entries — will fight it out during the second season of HGTV's top-rated "Design Star" for a chance to land her own show on the cable network. The nine-week series, set in Las Vegas, will run Sundays, beginning with a "casting special" on July 22.

Don't overcharge

With many cordless tools and various appliances, overcharging leads to premature battery failure when a high (or "fast") charge rate is used.

It's essential to stop the charge when the battery is full, or the temperature will quickly rise, causing extreme internal pressure as the excess current is dissipated as heat. (Don't worry; there is no danger of explosion.)

Internal built-in vents do open up to relieve pressure and allow some sealed oxygen to escape. However, what is lost cannot be replaced, and lost oxygen means less power and capacity.

Also, vents can and do corrode over time, and it's advisable not to depend on them. The remedy: You can avoid overcharging by plugging cordless batteries needing power into a common household timer set for the prescribed amount of charge time.