Pat Clark

For ’16 starters, hush, Colbert enthusiasts

New year, new plans and a few new hopes. Since my colleague Marijke Rowland has run down some of the shows planned for 2016 on Page 10, let’s entertain a few dream scenarios for screen and stage.

On the television front: I hate to get snarky right out of the gate, but, really, why pretend? My No. 1 TV wish for the new year is for Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show” audience to … um, be perfectly blunt, sit down and hush up. (I was going to be even more blunt, but it seemed a bit too ugly.)

I’m sure they are having just a rollicking time in that live audience, and, yes, I know it’s carryover from his “Colbert Report” days. I just don’t care. It’s beyond obnoxious how long they stand and applaud and hoot and repeat “Stephen, Stephen, Stephen” over and over. Just pipe down and let the man talk! It’s why you’re there.

It’s bad enough the audience raves incessantly to open the show, but it even often happens when he comes back from a commercial break. That’s just overkill.

Expectation was that all the new-show excitement would die down after a few weeks of Colbert’s taking over hosting “The Late Show,” but it’s been going on for months and this is just past the point of ridiculous.

I think Colbert is funny and talented as heck, too. That’s why I’m trying to listen to him. How many good jokes have we missed in his monologue because he runs out of time waiting for the audience to let him get a doggone word in edgewise?

Enough already.

Also on the television front: AMC scored big with its “Breaking Bad” spinoff “Better Call Saul.” What about seeing if lightning strikes twice by spinning off of its “Mad Men” success, as well?

I’m feeling a Sally Draper-centric series that opens a new decade for Don’s strong-personality daughter as she becomes a young adult. Of course, it would work only if “Mad Man” master Matthew Weiner was at the helm.

No knockoff spinoffs, please.

More on the television front: Fingers crossed that Jon Stewart pulls a Leno and takes back his “Daily Show” on Comedy Central. It’s just not right without him.

On the music front: Yes, Christmas has passed and no one is listening to carols anymore, but think for a second on just how amazing a version of “O Holy Night” by Adele would sound. Jaw-dropping, right? It just might be enough to make people fall on their knees.

On the local entertainment front: Here’s hoping the love for attending local venues continues to grow in 2016.

The Gallo Center for the Arts had another record-breaking year for its 2014-15 season, on the heels of the same the year before. Another strong lineup this season could signal a repeat. At the State Theatre, patrons continue to enjoy the diverse art films.

There are myriad other venues to find entertainment, including theater at Modesto’s Prospect Theatre Project, Sierra Rep and Stage 3 in Sonora; music at West Side Theatre in Newman; visual art at Carnegie Arts Center in Turlock, Mistlin Gallery in Modesto and other smaller galleries across the region; and a variety of acts at Turlock Community Theatre.

And there are plenty of local companies that also stage programs at the Gallo Center – groups including Modesto Performing Arts, Central West Ballet, Modesto Symphony Orchestra, Townsend Opera and Modesto Community Concert Association – that provide diverse options, offering something for nearly everyone to enjoy.

That’s a lot of options for the region’s live performance lovers.

Here’s hoping for more local successes and a supremely entertaining 2016 for all.