Pat Clark

So much TV (sigh) and so little cable access

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Apparently, I’m not watching enough TV.

This will come as a great shock to my family, which believes the remote has been Super-Glued to my hand and there isn’t enough acetone in the world to wrest it off. Nevertheless, after offering my picks for the best 10 television shows of the year in this space last week, it has come to my attention – in varying forms – that there is much that I am missing.

I’ve been told – with much incredulity – in the past that not watching “Game of Thrones” is nearly unforgivable. But I don’t subscribe to HBO, so there’s not a lot I can do about it. And, no, I’m not going to ask my company to pay for me to have HBO, or any other premium channel, for that matter.

So, I do miss a lot of the critics’ top picks for TV shows each year: “Thrones,” “Veep,” “Silicon Valley,” “True Detective,” etc. I’m more and more tempted to sign on again to HBO, but, honestly, just for “Silicon Valley.” The drawback: if I do add the premium channel, I’ll be forced to watch “Game of Thrones” just as a matter of my job. (Insert exhausted, heavy sigh here).

There are a few shows I have access to and probably should be watching. Probably would like, even. And maybe I will. Still, the most shocking, apparently, of my omissions seems to be a show I have total access to, but that recently aired its series finale, so too little too late, it would appear.

If I do give any of the shows a look, I’ll have to find time to binge-watch them. That’s a hefty commitment, especially when we’re talking multiple shows and multiple seasons. (Another exhausted, heavy sigh).

Here are five shows I’ve been told that I should be watching – and the honest truth about the chances that I ever will:

“Sons of Anarchy” – This would be the above-mentioned most shocking omission from last week’s top 10 list. This FX show with a rabid following recently went out for good with a bang.

Honestly, I’m pretty sure I’d have liked this show about an outlaw motorcycle club, based on what I know about it. It has a “Justified” kind of feel to it and “Justified” is right up my TV alley (and No. 1 on last week’s Top 10). But here’s the thing: I know how it ends. Yep, I read all about the big, shocking conclusion. So chances are, I’ll never know what I missed.

My apologies to “Anarchy” fans everywhere.

“The Walking Dead” – I know, I know. People love this AMC show about the zombie apocalypse and it’s been hugely popular for a while. And I have tried to watch it. My son tried to watch it, too, to varying degrees of interest. It just didn’t stick with either of us for some reason. It’s doubtful I’ll try again.

“Outlander” – My niece has gone to great lengths to get me to watch this show on Starz, another premium channel that has not found its way into my satellite dish. But I have options for access and I vow to give a shot to the romance period piece about a combat nurse from 1945 who finds herself swept back in time to 1743, and into a dangerous world.

“Transparent” – This Amazon streamer stars Jeffrey Tambor as a divorced dad whose family finds out he’s transgender. The dramedy comes with high praise from a co-worker, and veteran actor Tambor rarely disappoints. The full 10-episode first season is available on Amazon and the show has been picked up for a second season. Since I have access to this one, I’ll probably give it a binge-watch shot.

“Orphan Black” – The same co-worker who recommends “Transparent” swears I’ll love this BBC America show about a woman who discovers she and others have been cloned and is tossed into a giant conspiracy. The biggest draw is star Tatiana Maslany, who apparently delivers amazing performances as a variety of cloned women in this sci-fi thriller. The show also has been renewed for a third season and will call for another binge-watching marathon if I decide to give it a try. This one is a toss-up; that’s a whole lotta catching up to do.

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