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What’s in Olyphant’s future? Here are some suggestions

Now that Modesto-raised Timothy Olyphant is ending his six-season run in “Justified,” imagine him in a role without a hat.
Now that Modesto-raised Timothy Olyphant is ending his six-season run in “Justified,” imagine him in a role without a hat. FX Networks

Modesto-raised actor Timothy Olyphant is gainfully unemployed right now.

After six seasons on the FX crime drama “Justified,” he has certainly earned a break. And while he already has booked and finished work on his follow-up project (Oliver Stone’s upcoming film about NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden), he is at this very moment without a new project on the horizon.

Of course, he’s not sweating it, nor should he. (For more on the wrap-up of “Justified” and Olyphant’s future plans, check out my exclusive interview with him and series creator Graham Yost on Page E10.) Someone as skilled and strong-jawed as him shouldn’t stay off the screen for too long. I have every confidence he’ll be snapped up for something else very, very soon.

But while he’s biding his time, let’s imagine some dream roles for the versatile actor in the meantime.

We’ve already seen him wear a hat as historical and present-day cowboys (“Deadwood,” “Justified”). And we’ve seen him go into action star/villain mode (“Hitman,” “Live Free or Die Hard”). We’ve even swooned over him as a romantic lead (“Catch and Release,” “The Broken Hearts Club”). And then there were all the times he helped scare us to death in horror flicks (“Scream 2,” “Dreamcatcher,” “The Crazies”).

But what I think has been untapped, save for a few guest appearances, is the actor’s funny bone. Small roles in shows like “My Name Is Earl,” “The Office” and “Samantha Who?” have showcased Olyphant as a nimble comic performer. Granted, it can be confusing for folks when someone with the leading-man looks of Olyphant also has a good sense of humor. But I’m sure they can adjust.

Olyphant has said he’d love to work with director Paul Thomas Anderson or the Coen brothers. I think he’d be particularly good with the latter because of the Coens’ unique ability to combine intensity and absurdity. If you’ve seen Olyphant in “Go,” you know he has the intensity part down pat. If you’ve seen him in “The Mindy Project,” you know he can be a huge goofball.

I think he’d be quite good at feeding someone into a wood chipper, à la “Fargo” – don’t you?

But no matter the project, I know it’ll be interesting. Olyphant’s track record suggests nothing less.

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