Other advertising solutions provided by The Modesto Bee Advertise your goods and services on the most widely read news and information site in the valley!

MVP: Advertising in The Modesto Bee puts your message in front of 87,000 newspaper subscribers and single copy readers. But what about reaching people who don't read the paper? MVP is your total market saturation solution. Your ad or inserts will be delivered by mail using a CDS certified mailing list. We offer competitive rates and a total package that is attractive and fun to read. View a map of the MVP distribution area (PDF format).

Special Sections: Throughout the year we publish more than 20 special sections with specific themes such as, Health & Fitness, Bridal, NASCAR and Homescape. These are excellent opportunities for you inform a targeted group of consumers about your business. This calendar tells you the name of the section and when it will publish. Download the Special Sections calendar in PDF format.

For additional details contact your account manager or email us at When emailing, please state the name and location of your business along with your question so that we can direct your inquiry to the correct person.