The Modesto Bee News in Education

News in Education was created to offer newspapers as an educational tool to area schools. Our goal is to provide an interactive resource mechanism, a "living textbook", that can enhance lessons by offering students and teachers fresh resources every day.

Our E-Bee program is dedicated to promoting literacy in our community. We encourage our young readers to discuss, absorb and connect the news to situations in their own lives. We provide students with the thought-provoking materials that inform, inspire and move them to particpate in the world.

Newspapers help connect students to their neighborhoods, communities and the world beyond. The use of electronic newspapers in the classroom helps prepare students for active citizenship and teaches life-skills. Studies show that newspaper use in the classroom contributes to improved test scores! A 2002 study done by the Newspaper Association of America revealed that students in schools with at least some NIE programming did an average of 10 percent better on standardized tests than students in schools with no NIE programs.

E-Bee provides virtual newspapers and teaching materials to classrooms right here in our community! NIE has programs for all grade levels - from kindergarten through high school - as well as ESL and adult learners. Electronic newspapers are provided at little or no cost to schools and learning facilities, through generous donations made by community members, businesses and Modesto Bee subscribers.


Teacher Resources...
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