Ron Agostini

August 1, 2014

Ron Agostini: Cespedes is gone, but his shirt stays for fans

The Oakland Athletics still will hand out “La Potencia” shirts today to honor slugger Yoenis Cespedes, two days after he was traded to Boston.

Reading time, two minutes:

• The Athletics still will pass out 10,000 “La Potencia” (The Power) shirts on Saturday to remember the now-Boston slugger Yoenis Cespedes. What a concept – nostalgia within 48 hours.
• Also on display at the Coliseum: The A’s marketing director staring at the sun and walking in circles.
• Billy Beane supposedly pushed all the chips in by trading for Jeff Samardzija. Then he deals Cespedes for Jon Lester. Did Beane find more chips in his pocket? Was he inspired after watching “Rounders”?
• If the A’s win it all: Beane knew when to gamble. If they don’t: Beane couldn’t leave well enough alone.
• The A’s ultra-aggression makes sense only if they figure they must bring home a championship to build the new ballpark.
• Mark it down: Cespedes either becomes the next New England folk hero – the successor to David Ortiz – or the Green Monster ruins him. I’m betting on the former.
• The final word on Cespedes: He made the A’s watchable, he was one of the few guys who delivered in the playoffs, and the A’s won much more with him than without him.
• Lester probably will re-sign in the offseason with Boston. It will be a dead giveaway when he wears red socks in Oakland.
• The first Modesto Grand Prix has buzzed, literally, into downtown this weekend. The superkarts sound like a large hive of bees.
• They’re slow-slung and they go-go-go. A perfect joy ride – unless you hit the curb.
• The Giants went silent on the trade deadline. I understood. There’s no business out there for teams who need six new players.
• Matt Cain has toiled, often with meager run support, for nine years. The Horse needs a rest.
• Say hello-hello to Paul McCartney, and goodbye-goodbye to Candlestick Park, on Aug. 14.
• Had to smile when Hall of Fame manager Bobby Cox gave a shoutout to Selma (Fresno County), his childhood home. He is remembered. The Bears play at Bobby Cox Field.
• Early reports from the Oregon Ducks camp: Tight end John Mundt (Central Catholic) is No. 2 on the depth chart, and Jake McCreath (Ripon, Modesto Junior College) is No. 4.
• Wanted: Chain gang volunteers for MJC’s five home games. Check in with coach Sam Young.
• The Raiders’ Mark Davis toured San Antonio. Doesn’t seem like a good fit. The River Walk and the Raiders?
• Good advice for any team that eventually moves to San Antonio: Hire Gregg Popovich.
• Only because college football is getting close: Darrin Nelson, Stanford.
• Ex-Raider Ray Guy finally goes to the Hall of Fame. Punters belonged there long ago.
• Also overdue: The NCAA has created a $70 million fund to diagnose concussions and brain injuries.
• ESPN’s Steven A. Smith was suspended after he suggested that women provoke domestic abuse. Sort of like blaming your traffic ticket on the stop sign.
• If the Giants finish a game behind the Dodgers, they’ll have their player to be blamed later: Dan Uggla (0 for 11, six strikeouts, three errors in four games).
• Should Will Clark’s No. 22 be retired? No. Should Uggla wear it again? Never.
• The famed floor at Pauley Pavilion, waterlogged by the flood at UCLA, will be replaced before the start of the season. They’ll be quick, but they won’t hurry.
• Lost amid all the A’s player shuffling was the retirement of 17-year major-leaguer Eric Chavez. Would have gone to Cooperstown had his body cooperated.
• From the world-is-not-fair dept.: Tommy Milone, a quality lefty, pitches the A’s into first place, then is demoted and traded – to the Twins.
• Conclusion: Don’t tell Beane, “Trade me.”
• The A’s are baseball’s best team. But will they be the best at the right time?

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