Ron Agostini: Steve Kerr joins Warriors, no experience necessary

05/16/2014 7:39 PM

05/16/2014 7:40 PM

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• Only in the NBA does a coach (Mark Jackson) with no previous head coaching experience get fired and replaced by a guy (Steve Kerr) with no head coaching experience.
• Could this happen in the NFL? We pause for a minute of laughter.
• Kerr’s backstory is better than his career but, for a look at what the man was about, Google the 1997 NBA Finals and watch Michael Jordan pass to him for the championship shot.
• Kerr in the huddle to Jordan before the play: “I’ll be ready.” So Jordan penetrates and dishes to Kerr.
• Imagine the heat on Kerr: I will feel Jordan’s stare if I miss it.
• Viewing Kerr’ choice makes sense from his angle: Better team in Golden State over the Knicks, better front office, less-crazy media, better comfort zone on the West Coast.
• And learning on the job while you’re making $25 million for five years is never a bad gig.
• Old-school advice to Clippers owner Donald Sterling: When you’re already in a hole, quit digging!
• Sterling refuses to pay the $2.5 million fine to the NBA and threatens to sue. Predictable from him, but let’s introduce four new words to this mess: Player boycott next season.
• Sterling rips Magic Johnson, a hero in Los Angeles and the man who probably will succeed him as Clippers owner. That, friends, is tone-deaf.
• The only shock about Sterling was his stunning transparency.
• Churchill Downs overpaid Broncos receiver Wes Welker by more than $14,000 at the Kentucky Derby and wants its money back. Earth to Churchill Downs: It’s no longer your money. It’s your mistake. Eat the loss and be more careful the next time.
• Wonder if the racetrack will go door to door and collect the $100 bills Welker rained on everyone.
• My new strategy: Go to the pay-window and tell them I chose the wrong horse by mistake.

Congrats to Modesto Christian’s Gary Porter on an excellent career. No coach can do better than grooming an ideal successor: Ex-MC and Cal star Richard Midgley.

• Modesto Junior College coach Paul Brogan will keep Mike Williams on his staff. But check out his new assistants: Longtime area coach Wayne McGhee (out of retirement), ex-Pirate Andy Siverly (a former graduate assistant on Rex Walters’ staff at USF) and ex-Modesto Christian and Harlem Globetrotter Luiz de Toledo.
• He coached the Merced High JV team this season because he can’t live without baseball: Former Merced College coach and Colorado Rockies’ minor-league coach Butch Hughes.
• California Chrome was coughing in the days before today’s Preakness. Doesn’t he know the future movie insists that he win?
• The Giants’ new left fielder, Michael Morse, already has slugged 10 home runs. The total home runs last year by Andres Torres and Gregor Blanco: 5.
• Fans who rip the Athletics’ Josh Reddick for his “Careless Whisper” walkup music are missing the point. He’s hitting again because he chopped his beard.
• Even if you didn’t like George Michael, you can’t deny that great sax in “Careless Whisper.”
• The Oklahoma City Thunder would have been favored to beat San Antonio in the Western Conference final ... until the injury to Serge Ibaka.
• Johnny Manziel reportedly texted the Browns staff and suggested they draft him, and they did. Maybe Manziel does run the entire world.
• Coming up: Manziel makes the Browns’ final three cuts before the season opener.
• The Browns say Manziel is the backup QB. He’ll comply ... for about 10 minutes.
• Kerr bounces from TV to the bench – the new freeway to coaching success.

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