Agostini: Media whining about Sochi accomodations? Sounds vaguely famliar

02/08/2014 12:00 AM

02/07/2014 8:08 PM

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• The Sochi Winter Olympics are under way. The Opening Ceremony went without a major glitch. Vladimir Putin even kept his shirt on.
• The games need to start. No one wants to hear media whining about their hotel rooms, though it sounds vaguely familiar.
• The downhill, one of the purest events in sports, is held Sunday – one time down the mountain every four years, and the fastest guy wins.
• I collected many hats years ago before my National Signing Day. Funny, but no one asked me to select one.
• NSD is a big deal in college football, but the “war room” might be a little over the top.
• Alabama procured the top prospects for the third straight year. Now, about that field-goal coverage team ...
• Fresno State signed only two valley players. That “V” on the Bulldogs’ helmets is starting to fade.
• Former Modesto Junior College star Kianna Weinzheimer overcame brain surgery, won a state javelin title and is not yet done. She’s throwing at Kansas.
• Eleven Super Bowl championship teams have been coached by former California community college players: Pete Carroll (Marin), three-time champions Bill Walsh (San Mateo) and Joe Gibbs (Cerritos), two-time winner Tom Flores (Fresno), Dick Vermeil (Napa) and John Madden (San Mateo).
• Another memory: Carroll wearing oversized shoulder pads as a gungho safety for Pacific.
• Heavy snow fell 10 hours after the end of the Super Bowl. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has friends in high places.
• When Peyton Manning yelled “Omaha,” the Seahawks answered, “Gotcha!”
• A TV-record 115.5 million watched the Super Bowl. By the time it ended, the only viewers outside the Northwest were bettors in Las Vegas and the Manning family.
• Seattle’s defense aside, that was an all-systems flameout by the Broncos. The Seahawks scored 12 points by deferring.
• The Seahawks paid a heavy price for Percy Harvin, who didn’t help them much until Sunday. Mr. Harvin, meet Barry Zito.
• Bruno Mars was well-received at halftime. Take that, Justin Bieber.
• The AFC West goes head-to-head next season against the NFC West. Not good news for the Raiders.
• Bob Dylan pitched Chryslers during a Super Bowl commercial. Yes, the times they are a changin’.
• The Central Catholic football team is honored on Crystal Creamery milk cartons. Drink milk, win section and state titles.
• Alex Rodriguez dropped his lawsuit against Major League Baseball. Why? Two words: Zero credibility.
• The Athletics signed Coco Crisp for three years and $22.75 million. Much of that cash came from the unexpected 22 home runs last year.
• The best sound of February, other than the falling rain, is the bat-hitting-ball of spring training.
• Clint Eastwood used the Heimlich Manuever to save the life of AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am tournament director Steve John this week. He made John’s day.
• There’s no truth to the rumor that Eastwood prefaced his action with the words, “You’ve gotta ask yourself a question: Do I feel lucky?”
• The AT&T is back to its old tricks. Stopped a drought cold.
• Kevin Stadler will join father Craig at the Masters in April. Call them Walrus and Walrus Jr.
• Suffering from the NFL Blues today? Check out the morning-until-night college basketball games.
• Congrats to the Merced College women’s basketball team for ending Fresno’s 68-game Central Valley Conference winning streak.
• Survivors in a sometimes cruel sport: Alpine racers Julia Mancuso and Bode Miller.
• Until major headlines happen in Sochi: Bob Costas has an infected eye.

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