Agostini: 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick refinds his confidence by throwing deep

11/29/2013 6:47 PM

11/29/2013 6:48 PM

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• Colin Kaepernick’s confidence is renewed each time he throws downfield on 1st-and-10 against a 9-man front.
• The 49ers’ next step is to force defenses out of that crowded box. Which means Kaepernick (Pitman High) must keep hurting them deep, like he did at Washington.
• The Redskins are feeling pressure to change their mascot. After watching them, we’ve got the answer: the Generals.
• The 49ers are beating the bad teams and losing to the good teams. That trend must continue, at least through Sunday’s game against the Rams.
• Matt McGloin is making a favorable impression on the Raiders, but beating out Terrelle Pryor isn’t important. At this point, the Raiders need more good players. Period.
• It’s bad enough for Florida that it was embarrassed by Georgia Southern. Then the Gators had to pay them $550,000.
• Oregon expressed disdain about a possible trip to the Rose Bowl before being smoked by Arizona. The Ducks’ performance proved they weren’t lying.
• The Athletics and the Raiders signed short-term leases for use of the Coliseum. Hope they rechecked the sewage system.
• Ripon Christian’s section D-6 title game today underscores the Knights’ fancy football pedigree: Head coach Randy Fasani, the former Stanford quarterback, and defensive coordinator Eddie Erdelatz III.
• This will be lost on the younger demographic: Erdelatz’s grandfather was the first coach of the Oakland Raiders. Also coached Navy.
• Two more truths not lost on Raider Nation: Erdelatz Sr. drafted quarterback Tom Flores and eventual Hall of Fame center Jim Otto.
• Replacing the plucky quarterback TeeJay Gordon won’t be easy for Modesto Junior College, but the Pirates are looking.
• The MJC sales pitch: Would you like to ignite one of the state’s most lethal up-tempo offenses? Offensive coordinator Rusty Stivers says, “It would look fun to me.”
• Hall of Fame tight end Kellen Winslow, whose son also went to the NFL, believes full-contact football shouldn’t be played by boys younger than 15. Growing evidence says he’s right.
• Six Seattle Seahawks have been suspended for substance abuse or PEDs since Pete Carroll became coach. Yes, it is USC North.
• The only hideous thing that didn’t happen to Cal this year was an injury to freshman quarterback Jared Goff. At least until he separated his shoulder against Stanford.
• Methinks the felony-assault investigation hanging over the head of Florida State’s Jameis Winston will cost him the Heisman Trophy.
• Want a nice collectors item? Purchase a program at the 76th MJC Tournament next week. It’s a virtual time capsule of the city’s longest-running sports event.
• Notre Dame-Stanford always deserves watching, if only to honor two schools that actually graduate their players.
• Just because the name is still cool all these years later: Sonny Sixkiller, quarterback, Washington Huskies.
• That swooshing sound you hear comes from the millions of dollars flying from the hands of Fresno State and the Mountain West Conference after the Bulldogs’ egg-laying at San Jose State.
• The Steelers’ Mike Tomlin interfered with a kickoff return Thanksgiving night. The act, plus his sheepish grin, will lighten his wallet.
• Upon further review: I’m shocked this doesn’t happen more often at college basketball games. Coaches act like they own the floor.
• Don’t expect major theatrics from the 49ers’ Michael Crabtree on Sunday. Achilles injuries require more rehab time.
• Robert Griffin III was run down by 49er linebacker Ahmad Brooks. Proof positive that Griffin is not physically right.
• Griffin took a beating that night, but did anyone notice that no teammates were helping the quarterback back on his feet?
• 49er coach Jim Harbaugh speaks no evil of Kaepernick. Call him the Coach Whisperer.

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