Brian VanderBeek

August 18, 2014

Beek’s Blog: Ice Bucket Challenge reaches Nuts’ clubhouse

Challenge to raise money to battle Lou Gehrig’s disease levied by Grand Junction team

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I don’t have a lot of the details, but what started out as a proposal for a large-scare Ice Bucket Challenge involving the Modesto Nuts on Sunday quietly fizzled when the team lost to Visalia.

The idea came to light about three hours before the first pitch, when word got out that the Rockies’ short-season team in Grand Junction had challenged the Nuts to the Ice Bucket Challenge. For those not aware, this is a fund-raising idea to support the fight against Lou Gehrig’s Disease. The notion is that one person or group challenges another to either donating $100 to the cause, or instead dousing himself with a bucket of ice water and donating $10.

The Nuts were up for the challenge and had planned to do it after the game, but after seeing their season-long four-game streak snapped, the charitable mood of earlier in the day was understandably forgotten.

But by no means should anyone consider the Nuts a cheap group when it comes to charity. In fact, the opposite is true. In June, when the Nuts found out about the battle with cancer being waged by Hilmar second grader Kaiden Pacheco, a hat was passed through the clubhouse and more than $1,000 was collected – an incredibly generous amount for a group of players who don’t make much money playing the game they love.

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