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May 24, 2014

Beek’s Blog: Story breaks finger when hit by a pitch, umpires rule it a foul ball

Nuts’ shortstop suffers gash, hairline fracture of left pinky on Thursday and has been placed on disabled list; likely out two weeks, but it could have been much worse

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Nuts’ shortstop and leading hitter Trevor Story suffered a hairline fracture and deep cut on his left pinky during Thursday’s game when he was hit by a pitch, and on Saturday was placed on the seven-day disabled list.

Well, he WAS hit, only the umpires – after discussing it – ruled that the ball hit Story’s bat instead of his hand, ignoring the evidence of a spreading blood stain on Story’s batting glove.

He took a few stitches to close the wound, and his pinky was sheathed in a metal splint prior to Friday’s game.

Story will be lost to the team for 10 days to two weeks, but all concerned consider it lucky that the damage to Story’s finger wasn’t much, much worse, and he even laughed when someone said “Imagine how bad the injury could have been had the ball actually hit you.”


Well, at 4,602 it was the largest of the six sellouts so far this season, and ranks as the 22nd largest crowd in Modesto minor league history.

And not only does the huge crowd please the people in the front office, but the hometown support has a very positive effect on the home team. While playing in front of the 50 largest crowds in Modesto history (4,387 or more fans) the home team has a remarkable 35-15 record (.700.)

John Thurman Field has 4,000 permanent seats, so every crowd 4,000 or above is considered a sellout. But the ballpark can hold up to 1,500 fans above that total, thanks to the addition of the VIP box-level party decks, which can hold 250 people each, and the addition of the paved standing room picnic areas down the left and right field lines.

Since 2009, the year the decks were added, the Modesto Nuts have entertained eight crowds in excess of 5,000 fans, with four of those coming out for Independence Day fireworks celebrations. The all-time single-game attendance record of 5,424 was set on July 3, 2009.

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