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October 24, 2013

Beek's Blog: Stanislaus soccer Webcast goes to 11

It took three college goalies three weeks to come up with a name for their Webcast, and the one suggested by their coach seemed to fit, er, like a glove

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TURLOCK -- I was walking in double-step toward the CSU Stanislaus women's soccer practice on Wednesday, a strange heavy metal song in my head.

There to chat with sophomore goalkeeper Chelsea Lewandowski about her success in net for the Warriors, I also was looking forward to asking her about the weekly Webcast she records with fellow keepers Giovana Treyes and Brianna Murawski.

The reason? After three episodes searching for a name, they finally found one.

"Smell the Glove."

So one of the first questions I asked Lewandowski was if she knew the origin of the name.

"We made it up because these gloves we wear all the time get pretty smelly," Lewandowski said.

I couldn't hide my disappointment that this bright psychology major didn't realize she was making a Spinal Tap reference.

"Smell the Glove," as Tap fans are fully aware, was the name of the band's black-jacketed comeback album, with a supporting tour documented in the 1984 Rob Reiner classic "This is Spinal Tap."

OK, she's forgiven, having not quite been around when the mockumentary was released.

But there had to be somebody in on the reference, and coach Gabe Bolton not only pled guilty, but admitted suggesting the name.

"They couldn’t come up with a name for it," Bolton said. "Goalie gloves always stink, so they liked `Smell the Glove.' "

So Bolton's a Tap fan. And apparently he's also featured in an upcoming episode.

"They got me good," Bolton said. "One of the goalies hid underneath my desk in a gorilla suit and one of the others was filming it when I walked in and she popped up. I guess I have a rather high-pitched scream."

All episodes of the Stanislaus soccer version of "Smell the Glove" can be viewed here .

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