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July 22, 2013

Beek's Blog: 2014 schedule has its share of quirks

The 2014 California League schedule maintains the league's policy of an unbalanced schedule.

If you think it’s strange that Rancho Cucamonga’s one and only visit to Modesto this season didn’t come until the middle of July, you’re going to love the 2014 schedule.

A tentative schedule, which is probably at least 99 percent accurate, was released by the California League last week. Modesto’s home opener falls on Thursday, April 10, against Rancho Cucamonga.

That’s right, Rancho visits John Thurman Field for the first four home games of the season, and the Dodgers’ affiliate would not drop anchor in Modesto again unless the Quakes and Nuts were to meet in the league championship series.

Here are the details of the 2014 schedule:

1. The unbalanced schedule continues. The Nuts will play 95 games against its four North Division rivals (26 against Bakersfield, 24 against San Jose, 23 against Visalia and 22 against Stockton,) and only 45 against the five South Division teams (11 against High Desert, 10 each against Inland Empire and Lake Elsinore and seven apiece against Rancho and Lancaster.)

2. For the second straight year, the Nuts open with seven games on the road, starting Thursday, April 3 at Bakersfield.

3. The Nuts play no games against Lancaster or High Desert in the first half, and will not face Rancho or Lake Elsinore in the second half.

4. For the fifth straight season Modesto will be home July 3 and on the road July 4.

5. Modesto’s final road game in the South Division is July 22.

6. After August 3, other than three games in Visalia, the Nuts will have nothing left on the schedule except home games and commutes to Stockton and San Jose.

7. Modesto plays 49 home games and 46 road games against the North Division and 21 home games with 24 road games against the South.

8. The regular season ends with a four-game home set against Stockton Aug. 29-Sept. 1.

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