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December 25, 2013

Beek's Blog: Comcast's mistake sets the record straight

To celebrate Christmas Day, Comcast California promoted a replay of last weekend's five state bowl championship games, in order, starting at 10 a.m.

So I dutifully set my DVR to capture the first game. I covered the Central Catholic v Bakersfield Christian game, but haven't yet seen the game tape, and was interested in seeing some things that happened in that game. Specifically, I wanted to see how often Bakersfield Christian's receivers were blocking downfield before the pass prior to the penalty being called.

I tuned-in at 10 a.m. and saw the opening wide-screen shot - an artificial turf surface in a stadium identified as Home Depot Center. Oops.

And yes, Central Catholic was playing, but the opponent was Santa Fe Christian.

Yes, last year's game.

I wasn't interested in watching the 66-7 blowout again, but I stuck through the first few minutes, first to watch Ray Lomas shred for 80 yards on 8 carries in CC's first drive, then watch Rey Vega go 60 yards on his first carry for a 14-0 Raiders' lead.

And I learned something. On Vega's run, I've always credited tight end John Mundt for the seal block that sprung Vega for the score, but the replay showed the real block was by a player wearing No. 35 - a clean kickout of SFC's defensive end that allowed Vega to score untouched.

So Merry Christmas, Blake Escobar.

It took Comcast's mistake to set my memory straight.

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