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It's too good to be real

09/10/2013 3:26 PM

09/11/2013 12:55 AM

MODESTO - A few random thoughts as we switch our pace from baseball to football.


I’ll be staffing two high school games this week, starting with Thursday’s Pitman-Modesto game at Downey High.

The 2-0 Pride already is our top-ranked large school team, and I dropped an email to athletic director Dave Walls asking for Pitman’s roster. He sent it about five minutes later, and one name stood out.

No. 77, a 6-8, 375-pound senior two-way lineman named Bubba McNasty.

The name alone is worth a feature story, so I got right back to Walls, writing “Please tell me that you really have a kid named Bubba McNasty on your team.”

Walls’ response: “Got to have a little humor in life.”


(Update: 4:45 p.m.) The Legend of McNasty grows.

There was a Bubba McNasty Jr. on the roster of the 2008 Atwater High varsity, but he was a small guy at 6-8, 335.

It's not going to be too difficult to figure out the source of this prank, since at least one current Pitman coach also served on that 2008 Atwater staff.


Modesto Christian got into the win column last Friday with a 50-0 victory at Chowchilla in a game that features a perpetual trophy.

The trophy was created by previous Modesto Christian coach Mike Parsons, who moved to the Salida school from Chowchilla, and the trophy was created as an agreement between Parsons and his former coaching buddies.

It made the rivalry contrived at best, especially when Parsons - after leading the Crusaders to a state small-schools bowl championship - moved back to the Central Section to take the head coaching job at Clovis West.

Current MC coach Steve Gleason said he broached the subject with the Chowchilla coaches of keeping the series alive, since this game ended a two-year home-and-home contract. According to Gleason, Chowchiila’s not interested at this point in renewing the contract, but that could change.

Think of the bright side. That’s one more permanent trophy for the already-crowded Modesto Christian trophy case.

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