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April 25, 2008

Local College Athlete of the Week

Stanislaus baseball

The junior outfielder batted .500 in five nonconference games last week, hitting a home run and three doubles. He scored eight runs and drove in five while stealing three bases. Loretelli, a former Modesto Junior College player, leads the Warriors with a .381 batting average, 52 RBIs, 20 doubles and nine home runs. Stanislaus (31-16) plays host to Sonoma State in a doubleheader Sunday at noon.

PARENTS: Bob and Lori Loretelli


ON HIS SEASON: "We didn't know what to expect. We knew we had a good squad, but nobody expected us to do anything. We were ranked seventh or eighth out of 10 in a preseason conference poll. We're blessed and happy to be coming into the next two weeks playing for something. I put a lot of work in in the off-season. I was able to get a lot of work done in the weight room. I worked out a lot with John Ebster, a sports therapist. He trained me in a baseball-specific workout for a couple months. I worked on my swing a lot. I wanted to raise my power numbers."

SWING AWAY: "The coaches said, 'You have a lot of strength we think you're not using.' We emphasized really getting my weight transferred into the ball. Before, I felt like I was swinging with my arms. Now I put every ounce of my body into the ball. A big change I made this year was I have a pretty big leg kick. It's all a timing mechanism. Another big success this year has been my mental part of the game. I'm really studying the pitchers, knowing what to expect, figuring out what their tendencies are. That's translated into a lot of walks (28)."

MAJOR: "Physical education. I'll be able to finish up my bachelor's degree by next spring, then get in the credential program. After baseball I'd like to be a teacher and coach baseball and football."

GOALS: "I definitely want to play as long as I can. Right now my main focus is just helping our guys make playoffs. It's in our hands, which is good. We control our own destiny."

WALK-OUT MUSIC: "It changes. I walk out to rap or hip-hop. I listen to all kinds of music, but when I walk out, it's never changed. Rap or hip-hop just gets me pumped up, gets me in that mentality that I'm going to get the job done. Right now it's "Fireman" by Lil' Wayne. I'm a pretty superstitious player. If I've been hot, I won't change it."

SUPERSTITIOUS HOW? "I wear the same shirt under my batting practice top and a different shirt under my jersey. I wear a fresh Under Armour shirt under our team shirt under my jersey. I just like the feeling. I tape my wrists before the game, first the left, then the right. After I'm ready to go, I'll run in the outfield and stretch out on my own. I get myself in a mentality to focus and that eases everything."


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