Jon Olsen Blog, Part 2: Preparing for the big race

05/07/2013 9:15 AM

05/07/2013 10:08 AM

The trip has officially began as I sit here at a restaurant in the SFO airport consuming a bacon burger/fries and an Arnold Palmer.

With my injury behind me, my focus now is solely on race preparations.

I will get out for a "shake-out run" as soon as I get to the hotel tonight. (About 9 p.m. local time) This helps get all that lactic acid out of the legs from the flight and all the travel.

Then, I plan to meet up with our team Wednesday morning and team trainer Doc Lovy to work out some of my right leg muscle issues, then follow that with a 40-60 minute run with some fast intervals of running.

Thursday will be a running off day for me; however, I will get out and walk around and stay active. The worst thing you could do is just sit around and get stiff.

On Friday, the day before the race, I will get out for about a half hour of easy running and I may throw in a couple quick bursts to wake up the legs.

One of the most popular training questions I get asked is, "Should I run the day before the race?" My answer is absolutely!

I tell them that my worst runs are usually the ones the day after a day off from running. My running muscles are tight from no running and my energy levels are also low.

So how much running do I do the day before a race? Enough to get the legs loose and if I'm running a shorter race ... marathon distance or less ... I will throw in a few quick twenty second strides to wake up the fastwitch muscles I will use during the race.

I have run my best races using this formula.

Well, we are about to take off here in San Francisco. Next time I see you I will be across the ocean. See you then.

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