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September 7, 2012

Week 2 Video: In-game highlights of Modesto-area football

We've got in-game high school football highlights for Week 2, including Los Banos at Manteca, Livingston at Le Grand and more. Click on the headline to watch.

Stefon Gold scores for Buhach Colony. (Shawn Jansen)>/h4>

Clovis North comes up with big goal-line pick. (Shawn Jansen)>/h4>

Los Banos James Sams grinds out TD from short yardage. (James Burns)>/h4>

Davis High's Matt Christiansen scores on a 5-yard run. (Richard T. Estrada)>/h4>

Richard T. Estrada's first-half takes. (Richard T. Estrada)>/h4>

Big punt return for Le Grand's Christian Williams. (Sean Lynch)>/h4>

Los Banos' Chris Corpuz puts the Tigers in front of Manteca. (James Burns)>/h4>

Joe Marquez puts Buhach Colony on the scoreboard. (Shawn Jansen)>/h4>

Patterson rolling up score on Davis. (Richard T. Estrada)>/h4>

Le Grand comes up with big fumble. (Sean Lynch)>/h4>

Davis has trouble with a punt attempt against Patterson. (Richard T. Estrada)>/h4>

Carlos Guzman gives Clovis North lead over Buhach Colony. (Shawn Jansen)>/h4>

Livingston's Daniel Rosas connects on 30-yard field goal. (Sean Lynch)>/h4>

Los Banos' Bailey Rodriguez scores to give Tigers 14-0 lead. (James Burns)>/h4>

Los Banos quarterback Chris Corpuz draws a personal found penalty. (James Burns)

Patterson's Brandon Williams makes a nice cutback for a touchdown. (Richard T. Estrada)

Livingston's Brian Perez puts the Wolves on the scoreboard. (Sean Lynch)

Los Banos' James Sams scores on a 5-yard TD run. (James Burns)


Turlock's defense makes stand against Enochs. (Rich Estrada)

Turlock's Sean Down tosses 21-yard completion. (Rich Estrada)

Turlock's Brandon Esquivel runs for a 7-yard TD. (Rich Estrada)

Enochs quarterback Shawn Munoz fires 47-yard TD strike (Rich Estrada)

Enochs quarterback Shawn Munoz runs for 5-yard TD

Richard T. Estrada breaks down first half of Enochs-Turlock (Rich Estrada)

Turlock returns a short kickoff by Enochs (Rich Estrada)

Enochs defense makes stop against Turlock in first half (Rich Estrada)

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