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    Renner supporters applaud six Oscars, Best Picture award

    'The Hurt Locker', starring Modesto's Jeremy Renner, was the big winner at the Academy Awards, coming away with six Oscars, including Best Picture. Renner's family and hometown supporters celebrated with big night at The State Theatre. Click on the headline to read the story and see links to:


    Video: Oscar red carpet setup gets a soaking

    Rain drenched red carpet preparations for the Academy Awards in Los Angeles on Saturday, and again today there's a chance of rain on Oscar's parade of celebrities.


    'Locker's' rise full of its own drama

    A movie about an unpopular topic. A movie without any household names. A movie with a total production budget only slightly larger than some other films' catering expenses. Still, director Kathryn Bigelow's Iraq War drama, "The Hurt Locker," starring Jeremy Renner, is in serious contention to take...


    Modesto's Oscar History Quiz

    When he walks the red carpet at Sunday’s 82nd annual Academy Awards ceremony, Jeremy Renner won’t be the first Modestan with ties to Oscar — not by a long shot. While Renner is Modesto’s first best-actor nominee, you might be surprised by how many other Modestans have been...


    Quiz: How well do you know Jeremy Renner?

    Jeremy Renner has gone from a player in the Modesto Junior College auditorium to a star on the movie industry's biggest stage — the Oscars. Can you answer these 10 questions about Renner's life and career?