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Claudia Newcorn: Much has changed in 25 years

I’ve dwelled in Modesto for over a quarter of a century, arriving as a naive Easterner from Boston with a very skewed perception of California. While local old-timers probably will grin at this retrospective, having seen far more dramatic changes, it’s been fascinating to see the region’s evolution (or not). So, here’s an outside-in viewpoint of my Top 10 observations.

Opinion Columns & Blogs

Joe Nocera: Finding a compromise on Keystone

No one can question Michael Bloomberg’s climate change bona fides. As mayor of New York, he declared that cities had to lead the way in reducing the threat of climate change, and he strove to make New York greener. He has donated millions of dollars to the effort to shut down coal-fired power plants. He endorsed President Barack Obama for re-election in 2012 primarily because the president, he said, “has taken major steps to reduce our carbon consumption.” Most recently, he was named the U.N. secretary-general’s special envoy for cities and climate change.

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