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Who can afford kids?

Parenthood should be affordable in this country, but the cost of raising a child from birth to adulthood is now a quarter of a million dollars and projected to double by the time today's toddlers reach their teens. Will having kids soon be out of reach economically for many American families?

National Opinions

Don't learn a lesson at your cat's expense

When Jacksonville, Florida, resident Adam Arendell opened the door and let his cat, Camus, outside, he had no idea that he would never see her alive again. Camus' body was found several days later lying in a nearby alley, burned almost beyond recognition. She had been doused with lighter fluid and set on fire. The alleged perpetrator - a 14-year-old boy who was reportedly found with two severely injured cats in his backpack and who admitted to killing at least five other cats - told the police, "Killing a cat is like killing a sheet of paper. It is nothing to kill a cat."

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