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Journalists put lives on the line so we can know

In August, the gruesome murder of James Foley stunned the world. His death was a vivid reminder of the risks journalists take in service to democracy. Since 2011, 66 journalists have died in Syria alone and another 30 are missing, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists. This is not acceptable.

National Opinions

Forgetting the lessons of history? Only at our peril

The memory is all but lost, even though the legacy is all around us. You meet it every time you set foot in a National Park, pay social security, or thank a World War II veteran; every time you spend a dime or see Mount Rushmore. The legacy of the Roosevelt family is an essential part of America’s story.

National Opinions


Tony Romo hurled three interceptions in the Dallas Cowboys opening-game loss against San Francisco. It’s never too early to get into the groove. Before the game, Tony Romo took a baby from a woman in the stands and kissed it, and then handed it back to the wrong mother

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