Davis Sheremata: Some facts on Keystone pipeline

08/26/2014 4:51 PM

08/26/2014 11:46 PM

Re “Capture the Columbia, pipe it south” (Letters, Aug. 12): I want to clear up some inaccuracies about the proposed Keystone XL pipeline in the letter. The writer states “The environmental impact is great, which is why the project is at a standstill.” This isn’t true – Keystone XL and our Gulf Coast Pipeline are the safest, most technologically advanced pipelines ever to be constructed in the U.S.

No other pipeline built to date has all of these safety and operating conditions. This includes things like: A higher number of remotely controlled shutoff valves; increased pipeline inspections; higher construction standards; increased standards for pipeline integrity and maintenance; and burying the pipe deeper in the ground.

In the Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for Keystone XL, the U.S. Department of State, in consultation with the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, said the incorporation of 59 special conditions will result in a project that would have a degree of safety over any other typically constructed domestic oil pipeline system under current code. The writer also states that TransCanada “did a similar line through Alaska.” We have never built a crude oil pipeline in Alaska, nor do we plan to at this time.

Davis Sheremata, TransCanada, Calgary, Canada

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